Micha Patiniott: Curiously Human, 2010
with essays by Rob Perrée and Diana Wind,
published by Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Patiniott shows lavish reeds and lush pastures, 2010
Review by Lucette ter Borg published in NRC newspaper on solo show ‘Curiously Human’ at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam – Four stars ****
“Born in 1972, he is the progeny of absurdist writer Daniil Kharms – the avant-gardist driven by fear, humour and marvellous creativity who starved in a St Petersburg prison in 1942. ‘Incidents’ was what Kharms called his poems, plays and miniature stories. They were incidents that showed the overabundant madness of day-to-day life, a madness and a wealth that Stalin wouldn’t tolerate.”

In looking awry at the world
Valérie Mannaerts on the work of Micha Patiniott
“Backyard Rock (2007), a big grey mountain with ghost-like feathers. When looking more closely at the painting, I notice a faint stem of grass peering out the ground in front of the mountain. Suddenly, my head gets sucked into the painting. I realize it’s actually a small rock where two feathers have accidentally gathered.”

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Lux Wax
drs Moniek Peters, curator at Museum Dordrecht
“What Micha Patiniott wants to show is almost impossible to do in the art of painting. He seeks to show things – usually a body part or object – just when a manipulation causes it to change shape and meaning.”

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